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NOTB, Night Over Thirty Baseball League, was created in 2004 to complement the existing schedule of OTB, Over Thirty Baseball (Sunday league). The NOTB league plays 7-inning games...teams playing once weekly. Games are played on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights 8-11 PM from the end of May through the end of August. Fields are in Lowell and Lawrence with our Championship Game at Holman Stadium in Nashua, NH.

 Over Thirty Baseball’s Night League/NOTB is now accepting applications for the 2017 season. Players are eligible to play if they turn 30 years of age by December 31, 2017. The cost for all players is $150.00. The deadline for new and returning players is May 1st. Draft day will be on May 2nd and our Championship game played on Sept 7th, at 7:00 PM at Holman Stadium Nashua, NH. New players will be drafted according to roster needs and the player’s experience and defensive positions noted on their application. For any questions, please email
2016 NOTB Champion Athletics NOTB Champion Athletics Back Row (L-R): Eric Bott, Rob Lindsey, Eric Tiner, Joe Fernald, Bryan Welch, Chris Adams, Preston Bannard

Front Row (L-R): Tim Burns, Steve Martellucci, John Glabicky, Rusty Restaino,
Wally Kleczkowski, Chris Bleau, Mgr Paul Saunders, John Saunders
  Signup: NOTB registration is now available for new and returning players!
  Rosters: Our rosters currently are showing the 2016 teams. Please be patient while we update the NOTB site with 2017 rosters soon.
NOTB Championship: Congratulations to the Athletics for winning the 2016 NOTB Championship 11-2 over the Cubs last August.
Statistics: Did you know that the average batting average for NOTB for 2016 was .403 and that the average ERA was 11.73?
NOTB Team Timeline: Check out a timeline of NOTB teams from 2004-2016.
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